The 10 Most Toxic Fruits and Vegetables

My wife and health coach has been spreading the word about this topic to all of her close friends.  This article summarizes suggestions on ways to reduce the toxins that you introduce to your body.

(Photo: Pete Labrozzi/Flickr)

Melanie Haiken is a San Francisco Bay Area–based health, science, and travel writer who contributes regularly to and numerous national magazines.

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When trying to keep the grocery bill down, organic produce can seem like an indulgence you just can’t afford.
It’s true—in most cases, you pay more for fruits and vegetables raised with the extra care it takes to protect plants without chemicals. But what are you really bringing home with those savings? Chemicals known or suspected of causing cancer, harming the brain, and interfering with growth and development—not to mention killing off bee colonies that pollinate the plants in the first place.