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Archive for August 2015

We Can Be Nice To Our Microbiota

We can be nice to our microbiota and eat more fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, and avoid antibiotics and diet drinks. We might actually be leaner, healthier, and happier—perhaps even less cranky and dysfunctional….remember if you are eating CAFO meats (not grass fed) you are eating lots of antibiotics given to healthy cows to make…

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Adverse Reaction To A Flu Shot Vaccination

Truly shocking just published Jul 24, 2015…after having a life threatening adverse reaction to a flu shot a couple years ago forced on me by my local hospital in order to continue volunteering there, I advise anyone to research and make up their own minds for their own safety but especially guard the safety of…

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Best Magnesium Supplements

Wonder why an estimated 68 to 80 percent of the United States population is deficient in the essential mineral magnesium? Best magnesium supplements are malate, taurate, or carbonate depending on your purpose. Good idea to take several forms daily since it is critical to many of the bodies most important processes and protects the heart.What brand…

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What You Eat

Portions are unlimited….It’s not how MUCH you eat….it’s WHAT you eat. Sylvia Wormley Dr Eric Westman – Duke University New Atkins Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss and Health

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Sugar and Starch

Doctors discuss our diets and why it’s making us sick since 1980 in one or 2 generations Sylvia Wormley Sugar and Starch Starch is just sugar by another name. Starchy diets are what turned us into a nation of diabetics. –

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Low Carb Cheesecake Recipes

Cheesecake is my favorite low carb, gluten free, sugar free treat. What’s yours? Sylvia Wormley 31 one of the best healthy, low carb cheesecake recipes on the internet. Look no further for your favourite creamy, sweet, low carb treat!Read More

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Personalized Medicine

An emerging practice that uses an individual’s genetic profile to guide decision-making in regard to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Sylvia Wormley Jumping on the Train of Personalized Medicine: A Primer for Non-Geneticist Clinicians: Part 1. Fundamental Concepts in Molecular Genetics Aihua Li and David Meyre* Author information ► Article notes ► Copyright and License information ► Abstract With the…

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Eat Real Foods

Sylvia Wormley has been using me as her health guinea pig for over a year. Her health research has paid off big time. I am losing weight, cycling with more power than ever and I am happy. A healthy diet includes real unprocessed food and minerals. Well too much to summarize on this FB post. Read…

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Vegan Chocolate Desserts

Most are gluten & dairy free & delicious mostly without cooking. The real food ingredients makes them decadently delicious. Sylvia Wormley 13 Decadent (But Healthy!) Chocolate Desserts by Emily Holmes Anyone who loves chocolate knows there are plenty of great ways to satisfy your craving. Here are 13 ridiculously delicious and surprisingly healthy ways to treat…

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