We Can Be Nice To Our Microbiota

We can be nice to our microbiota and eat more fruits and vegetables, fermented foods, and avoid antibiotics and diet drinks. We might actually be leaner, healthier, and happier—perhaps even less cranky and dysfunctional….remember if you are eating CAFO meats (not grass fed) you are eating lots of antibiotics given to healthy cows to make them get fat faster for market.

Sylvia Wormley

The Microbiome Is Science’s Hot New Kid 

WRITTEN BY Anand Veeravagu Tessa Anderman, MD

Microbiome’ is a word you’ve probably been reading everywhere—and it’s only the beginning. 
As Americans, we love the concept of self-improvement. Self-help books line bookstore shelves, psychologists have taken over network TV, and smartphone apps track our every step and calorie. Many months ago, a lot of us made New Year’s resolutions to be happier, stronger, and healthier. We’re constant improvement projects—fixer-uppers if you will—with positive affirmations and sticky note reminders to get to the gym TODAY.