Bullet Proof Coffee

My wife +Sylvia Wormley introduced me to Bullet Proof Coffee.  She has been doing research into products and methods to improve and sustain our health for a number of years.  Between her research on the Internet and getting real medical data from our doctor I have more energy and mental focus to do the things that I love.

I start my day with a drink that has always been a part of my daily routine as an adult, coffee.  I love making a two shot espresso in the morning.  My wife has turned me on to a concoction that has made my morning coffee super.  It is called Bullet Proof Coffee.  We started making it using generic ingrediants, but recently this year we stated using the Bullet Proof brands for the ingredients.  There is a big difference in the way my brain fires up using the Bullet Proof ingredients.

I will go over how I make it.  I am sure that my wife +Sylvia Wormley will add some more information to our Blog about why these ingredients work in your body.

I make the espresso and add two tablespoons of grass fed organic butter
I dump in some organic coconut milk

I add one tablespoon of chocolate powder
I add two tablespoons of collagen
I add two tablespoons of  MCT Oil
I add 1/4 tablespoon of vanilla
I mix with electric hand blender
I feed my brain

This is enough nourishment to keep me powered until lunchtime.  I rarely have any food cravings after drinking this nutritional morning beverage.