Magnesium – DiMagnesium Malate Powder – 20% Mg by Albion, 2 kg

Magnesium - DiMagnesium Malate
Magnesium – DiMagnesium Malate

I’ve tried every magnesium out there by type and form. Magnesium is bulky so pills are horse size and impossible to swallow. Many have other ingredients I’ve learned to avoid and the pills are expensive per dose. Most of the other types of magnesium gave me constant diarrhea but this never has that effect on me. My husband and I have been taking this for several years. I hate bitter and this is slightly chalky but not bitter. It’s easy to combine with other powders.

I take it with 2-4 oz water evenings before bed…. no nighttime muscle cramps, sleep like a baby. You can also take this at noon in a smoothie or juice with your meal & supplements. Most nutrients require good levels of magnesium to perform their duties. It’s a cofactor for hundreds of processes. Too bad our water and food supply have disappeared natural magnesium because it is critical for good health no matter your age but especially for seniors. Good value. Here’s the Amazon link: