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Here’s to A Healthy 2019

hamstrings calf

Getting Into Shape For 2019 I have not been riding my bicycle a lot lately. I am going to start riding it more in 2019. I have been eating a healthy organic diet and taking mineral supplements. Getting in physical shape to ride long distances like i did a few years ago is no small…

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Eat An Avocado Every Day

Brisket Salad

Eat more leafy greens I usually eat a salad every day.  I make them using organic leafy greens, some fruit, and protein like meat.  The goal of my salad it to have it look like a rainbow of color.  The more colors the better. This morning I was researching a problem that I was having with some…

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Kick The Sugar Habit Now

I have had a love hate relationship with sugar as an ingredient to my food most of my life.  When O lived on the west coast it was a no-brainer to avoid sugar and corn syrup in foods that I ate or drank.  I sort of when off the wagon when I moved to Texas,…

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Bullet Proof Coffee

My wife +Sylvia Wormley introduced me to Bullet Proof Coffee.  She has been doing research into products and methods to improve and sustain our health for a number of years.  Between her research on the Internet and getting real medical data from our doctor I have more energy and mental focus to do the things that I love.…

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Why You Don’t Want To Take Antibiotics

A doctor tells why you don’t want to take antibiotics you don’t really need for chronic sinusitis (mold allergy) & colds & all “itises” (viruses). who knew life saving health info. could be so funny. Sylvia Wormley 8 Cold Hard Truths About Colds by Kristin Prentiss Ott, M.D. It’s booger season. And that means that…

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What We Eat

It is all about WHAT we eat rather than how much. Our bodies create biological responses to everything we consume! Sylvia Wormley Low Carb BLT Posted by Maria Emmerich DIABETES It is so frustrating when I hear that Paula Deen decided to work with the pharmaceutical companies to help with her diabetes. First off, does…

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