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Why You Don’t Want To Take Antibiotics

A doctor tells why you don’t want to take antibiotics you don’t really need for chronic sinusitis (mold allergy) & colds & all “itises” (viruses). who knew life saving health info. could be so funny. Sylvia Wormley 8 Cold Hard Truths About Colds by Kristin Prentiss Ott, M.D. It’s booger season. And that means that…

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What We Eat

It is all about WHAT we eat rather than how much. Our bodies create biological responses to everything we consume! Sylvia Wormley Low Carb BLT Posted by Maria Emmerich DIABETES It is so frustrating when I hear that Paula Deen decided to work with the pharmaceutical companies to help with her diabetes. First off, does…

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Food Changes Your Genes

It turns out that the changes in the expression of our DNA that will favor either health or disease are, to significant degree, under our direct control. Sylvia Wormley Food Choices Change Our Gene Expression Without a doubt one of the most important decisions we make on a daily basis is what we choose to…

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Eat Only Grass Fed Ground Beef

Eat only grass fed ground beef especially when eating out…a new Consumer Report study warns ALL store-bought ground beef contains fecal bacteria, and factory farmed beef often contains dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria as well. Sylvia Wormley Conventional Ground Beef Is Three Times More Likely to Contain Antibiotic-Resistant Fecal Bacteria Than Grass-Fed Beef By Dr. Mercola Factory…

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Enzyme Polymorphism

Want to know how much you really need of a vitamin, mineral, or amino acids…it’s so different for each person based on their genetics…the new Molecular Medicine Sylvia Wormley Understanding molecular medicine requires understanding how the molecules of the human body interact, and how their activities can be changed by nutrient supplementation. ~ Dr. Richard…

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